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Third-Party Fulfillment and Amazon FBA Transfer

EasyEx’s warehouse location in Philadelphia is only 40 minutes away from the New Jersey Amazon Warehouse and only 2 hours away from the Pennsylvania Amazon Warehouse. The warehouse can efficiently execute order fulfillment and Amazon FBA transfer and return services.

EasyEx System Introduction

For cross-border e-commerce sellers in China, the first leg logistics can be surface shipping to New Jersey Port, or by air to Newark International Airport or Philadelphia airport. EasyEx can support through extensive logistics partnership networks.

EasyEx has partnerships with local logistics providers including USPS, UPS, FedEx and Priority 1 (trucking service). EasyEx has included its shipping quotation function on the website: Clients can easily inquire and choose the best shipping method measuring costs and time.

EasyEx warehouse receives clients’ goods removed from Amazon FBA warehouse or from first leg logistics. The goods will be placed on shelves or wrapped on pallets. EasyEx will ship via pallets to Amazon Warehouse or 2B destinations.

EasyEx provides order fulfillment on behalf of clients. Via system check-in for all goods arriving in EasyEx warehouse, EasyEx will scan and count, then store on shelves, update the inventory into the software system. Via system check-out for all goods fulfilled from EasyEx warehouse, EasyEx will pick, pack, then choose courier to ship, and update inventory info in the system.

In the U.S. market, consumers can return products with no reason under marketplace policy. Usually, the return rate is around 20% and peaks at 30% in the Holiday Season. Clients need to deal with the returned products in a very cost-effective way and find a way towards liquidation after processing. EasyEx provides multiple solutions for customers to deal with returned products.

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